Scandinavian Travels

Last year, I did some traveling, and so I think it’s about time I posted some photos of the trip.  Mainly, the food parts!  We’ll start with the first trip to Scandinavia.  I went through Sweden, Denmark, and Norway.



Spice Rack

Well…19 days after the start of the year, and about 2 months since my last post, which means I did not keep my promise of coming back and posting regularly.  Sorry!  Once again, life got busy, and I haven’t even had a chance to cook some new stuff.  I’ve also fallen behind on the weekly theme meals this year, so I think I’ll try to pick them up again when I can.  Perhaps I may even venture into new, random recipes!

In the mean time, enjoy my first little home project, a magnetic spice rack, to help organize all the spices I’ve collected throughout my time cooking.

This is the current spice cabinet,  a little crowded and really annoying trying to find something.

This is the new spice cabinet!  Much easier to find things, and much easier in refilling the little canisters.

As you saw in the old picture, I had a bunch of different bottles and what not.  They’re annoying to fill up with a funnel!  Right now, I only had 18 little new canisters, which I thought would be enough, but as you can see, I’m still about 10 or so short.  I’m also got little labels for the canisters which fit perfect.  They don’t have all the spices, so right now, I have 2 that I just know what they are.

This project was much easier to do than I thought.  I just needed the motivation to finally get it started.  So I forced myself to order the parts so that once they got here, they would either take up space and bother me enough to start or I’d be mad at myself for spending money on them and not using them yet.

The canisters and labels were ordered from Amazon, and the sheet metal was purchased from a trip to Home Depot.  Now I couldn’t drill through my doors as they are really thin so it would not have worked out.  But since the tin canisters and the spices themselves are not very heavy, I was able to just glue the sheet metal to the door (after taking it down) with some liquid nail.

Cabinet door taken down and sheet metal glued on.

Putting the door back on.

Spice close up!

I’m really happy with how this turned out!  I’ll update way later on how the spices and canisters work out after some use.

I have some pictures from my Thanksgiving experience with the turkey, I’ll try to remember to post about that!  And maybe a new recipes or something!


I don’t watch the show, but you couldn’t tell based on the last two quotes huh? =p

Sorry for the delay once again, but I’ve just been so busy and I didn’t want to just half-ass a quick write up.

Now, without farther ado, the rest of my NJ trip!  We’ll start with the end of the Italian street festival, not the most fitting end to a way too hot night, but still delicious none the less.  Whenever I go to a theme park or festival here in the south (be it GA or FL), I always try to find elephant ears or funnel cakes.  Nothing beats deep frying some dough and then covering it with powdered sugar.  The only downside is they are super messy to eat (powdered sugar everywhere)!  Well, if you didn’t figure it out yet, the Italians have a little dessert very similar to this.  Zeppoles!

I wanted to show you just how much powdered sugar there was! 

So simple, so bad for you, so gooooooooood.  A slight different from funnel cake, which makes it a little bit easier to eat, and share.  Put a dozen in a paper bag, dump in some powered sugar, and shake it all about…you do the….haha just kidding.  Let me tell you though, still just as messy to eat.

Now how could I visit NJ/NY without getting a bagel?  I can’t!  Last time I was here, I got a bagel, and this time, I got the same bagel…why…because it’s just that good.

Not pictured, this amazing spread that the others got for their bagel that I WILL get next time.

Super fresh and soft, I would get one every morning if I could.  Mine = toasted onion with a fried egg in the middle…Mmmmmm!

I happened to walk by:

The line to get in there and take a picture was around the block so I just did the “here’s a picture of people taking a picture of  a place” picture.  If you don’t know what this is (like me at the time), it’s from a show on TLC called Cake Boss.

I had a wonderful time and was sad to leave, but we all can’t stay on vacation forever.  This just means I’ll have to take more mini vacations!

That’s it for now.  I got one more little bonus post, and then back to the list, promise!

It’s Gravy, Not Sauce

It’s been a while since I’ve done a list restaurant and I’m sorry about that!  I promise they’ll pick back up this week, by the weekend the latest!

For now, a travel entry, which I hope to do more often.  These will be entries of the food I get to experience when I’ve gone outside my Atlanta home.  First up NY/NJ!  I was up there a few weeks ago visiting some friends and taking a mini vacation and so of course that means it had to be the hottest weekend ever, triple digits the whole time!  That didn’t stop us from venturing around and getting some delicious foods.  The day of my arrival was the start of an Italian street festival.  This could not have worked out any better as I LOVE Italian food.  I mean, LOOOOVE it, sooooo much!  We’ll get to that in a minute, first up, pastries.

Rodrigo brought me these from Teixeira bakery when I first met him and he either knew these were the best and no one could not like them, or he knew I am a big fan of custard things.  In this case, he was right on both accounts, they were wonderful!  The custard was not too sweet and the crust was not all super dry and flaky.  It was a perfect start to my vacation =)

This little treat was the start to the Italian festival.  There’s something to be said about the pizza from New York/New Jersey, and its true, it’s hard to find a pizza that tastes like it anywhere else (in Atlanta at least).  Made from a stone oven outside in the crazy heat, this pizza was so simple yet so good.  Soft dough with a crunch on the bottom, light sauce, and then just fresh mozzarella and basil on top, yum.  My other pizza experience involved looking for a pizza place and the fact that on the 5 or so blocks we had to walk to the train station, we stopped by 5 difference places because we could be that picky (quite cool).  Danielle and I ended up by a place close to her home because it had what we wanted.  I was quite hungry by then and was thinking about ordering 3 slices of pizza, as that’s a good amount here in most pizza places in Atlanta.  It was a good thing I decided to start with two, as these slices were huge and I actually couldn’t finish all of it.  I want you to click on the link here so you can see the full size picture I took.

It’s getting late for me and this is turning into a long post.  I think I’ll continue this tomorrow as a part 2 so it’s not a tiring read for my readers out there.

::fist pump::  =p

Good Night!