Sunday Weeknight

EveryDayCook – Weeknight Spaghetti by Alton Brown

I know, it’s actually Sunday, but I needed this recipe for the following recipe.  Luckily, both dishes go together really well without a lot of extra work.  Spaghetti is a staple go to for me for dinners because I can make a pot of sauce for the week and just boil up noodles when I get home.  I’ve been making it for so long, that I kinda forgot what a simple tomato sauce is like.  This was a really nice, simple tomato sauce that I think, if you really wanted to add to it, you could.


EveryDayCook – Chicken Parmesan Balls by Alton

This recipe needed the tomato sauce and the herb oil from the dish above.  Though the herb oil was a recipe within the spaghetti recipe and so doesn’t actually count towards the ones in the book.  These were delicious and a great alternative to making chicken parm the traditional way (also a healthy alternative!).


Atlanta Falcons are off to the Super Bowl.  I hope there’s a fun and simple dish for a party!


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