Oats Oats Oats

EveryDayCook – Always Perfect Oatmeal by Alton Brown

If you know me at work, you know I eat yogurt for breakfast just about everyday.  So much yogurt that me and Lee (a fellow yogurt buddy!) are going to eventually put  up a small blog on our yogurt reviews (strong maybe).  However, on the weekends, I usually don’t eat breakfast (coffee and brunch is a different story) but I have some time this morning to give oatmeal a try.  Added bananas since I picked up some for the recipe below.


So maybe I’m just used to eating instant brown sugar kind, but this was a lot different than I thought.  Next time, less salt and maybe I’ll add brown sugar while it’s cooking.

EveryDayCook – Oatmeal Banana Bread by Alton Brown

At some point, I have to at least start doubling up on recipes if I want to finish the book this year.  I had just about all the things for this recipe except for the oatmeal which I picked up for the recipe above, so this worked out well. Also, I love banana bread.


Delicious!  A lot more work than I thought/read and a good reason why I love cooking more than baking (but I’m learning).  I also may not have ground the oatmeal fine enough, I’m not sure, I get a few oatmeal bits in my bites.

I hope you read the title in the voice of the boats boats boats girl.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, it’s a HIMYM reference.


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