Chipotle Shredded Pork or Lazy Sunday Snack

A little about my cooking habits.  Way back when, I would go shopping once a week and try to get everything I wanted to cook on that one trip.  This is a very popular method and it works well.  However, I had this bad habit of saying “Sure!” when friends would say, “Hey, let’s go get drinks and food somewhere.” (I’ve gotten much better about it, as it gets costly!)  Then on other nights, I would have to work late and didn’t feel like cooking afterwards.  So this would leave me with uncooked meats or produce that would start going bad.  Meats, I would freeze, but then sometimes I would forget about them, and the produce ended up being tossed.

Now, I’ve changed that up and I go shopping when I plan on cooking.  So that means more trips on the way home from work if I plan on cooking, but virtually no more wasted foods cause I usually only get things I plan to use.  This has forced me to start a different habit, stocking up my pantry with canned goods and non-perishables when they’re on sale, you know, just in case.  So today, being a lazy Sunday, I decided to use everything from my pantry except for going out to get a pork shoulder and some onions and stick them in a crock pot.

As you see, I had some chipotle peppers on hand (maybe use half the can if you want to watch the heat), a can of tomatoes, roasted tomato salsa, and some stock.  I coated the pork shoulder with a dry rub (I have all the seasonings on hand, but I bet its not necessary), and sliced up the onions.  Put most of the onions on the bottom, poured everything else in except the stock, stuck the shoulder in fat side down, and tossed a few onions on top.  Poured whatever amount of stock in so it covered up most of the pork.  Be careful not to over fill it as the pork will also release water. Turned on high and let the aroma fill up the house.

I also had a small bag of yellow rice, so I cooked that up towards the end of the 8hrs.  Shred the meat and top the rice. Yum!

Yea, this makes enough for the week.



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