Buffalo Chicken Meatballs or Bite-sized Deliciousness

These little treats popped into my head when I wanted a new idea to incorporate buffalo sauce into a bite-sized app.  I’ve done the buffalo chicken dip plenty of times, and I did not want to make wings, so this was the next best thing.  Of course upon Googling this, I was not the first person to think of this (duh).  Also, I did not make enough, people were unhappy of that fact.

Once you think about it, this is nothing fancy, but makes for a different way to eat buffalo chicken.  I’m sure you could add these to something too, I just have no idea what.  I basically took ground chicken, some breadcrumbs and an egg, tossed in some seasoning, and mixed that all up.  Then I made little patties so I could stuff the center with blue cheese crumbs.  Oh did I not mention that? Yea, the center is stuffed with blue cheese that basically melts when you heat these up so you gotta eat them in one bite.  Boom!

Close up the patty and make little meatballs.

Rolling meatballs is annoying.  Where’s my meatball rolling machine?! Kidding, kidding!

Then I baked them for some time (I forgot how hot and how long, sorry!) and lets say 5 minutes or so before they were done, I took them out to glaze some buffalo sauce on them and popped them back in.  Repeat at the last minute or so.  You can just wait til the end and toss them too, I don’t see an issue with that, but I like to glaze on the sauce.

*Warning, DO NOT pop one into your mouth as soon as these are done, the inside is basically molten cheese lava.

**Tip, DO dip in ranch!


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