Italian Beef Sandwich or Trying Out the Meat Slicer

I wonder how long I can keep up the double title thing (see previous post).  So far, 1.

As the title states, I have acquired a meat slicer.  My dad had two (no idea why!) so he gave one to me.  Not a fancy one, but it still makes slicing something like roast beef a lot easier than by hand!  (and I made some sandwiches)

Nothing fancy here.  Just a dry rub on a top round, with most of the fat trimmed.

Look how fancy!

This was my first time with a meat slicer, so I was SUPER slow and careful, as I’ve heard some horror stories before.  As convenient as this was, I would probably only use it for something like a group dinner or where I was planning on slicing a lot at once.  Busting it out to make a sandwich here and there is not convenient at all since the cleaning up afterwards is a huge pain.

Since this was for a Thursday night dinner (last Thursday) with the gang, it was worth it.  Slicing up two roast beefs by hand, and this thin, would have taken be forever.  This was also my first time at attempting a roast beef.  Not as bad as I thought it was going to be, but I think I did over cook it a little.  You can see some pink in the picture above, but I think it’s suppose to have more pink and just a slight browning close to the edge.  The reason for this is because the slices of beef are dunked into some hot broth (aka the au jus) from the beef drippings to cook up a little more but still be tender.

The title may also be a little misleading, I’m not sure if I could call it a true Italian beef sandwich as I didn’t use a giardiniera, an Italian relish basically with carrots, cauliflower, and celery.  I did have a bottle on hand, but I decided to pickle my own peppers and shallots and top it with that.

“I can’t feel my lips” spicy!

I’ve been enjoying the leftovers on pretty much anything.

The finished product, slices on beef dunked in the simmering au jus, topped with green peppers and the homemade peppers, on a hoagie roll.  Not pictured, roasted veggies.

Eventually, I want to try tackling a pastrami or corned beef.


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