Korean Steak or Clever Return Title

Once again, I’ve disappeared even longer, but this time, I’m not even going to promise a weekly return, cause I don’t know if I can keep that.  This has been one of my lighter weekends, so I’ve had some time to rest and recoup.  Didn’t do much today except float down a river in an inner-tube and drink a cooler of beers.  Weather was perfect but the river was quite cold at first, but you get used to it.  If you’re wondering how any of this related to food, I’m getting there!

As I was floating down this river, I got hungry, and so I used a portion of my time to think about what I could pick up on the way home from dinner and what I could make.  I feel like its been a long time since I’ve tried to make something new, so tonight I’m trying a mix of flavors.

Decided on a bulgogi marinaded ribeye with roasted brussel sprouts in a gochujang and rice vinegar dressing.  And a side of kimchi of course!

I got to play with my sous-vide machine some more.  I’ve had luck with eggs, chicken, and fish already, and a previous time with ribeyes.  Next time, I really want to try a touch cut.

The steak is simple enough, along with the marinade.  When the steaks were done, I caramelized some onions and poured some of the bag’s juice into it.  It makes a nice little topping for the steaks.  Also seared the steaks before slicing them up.

The brussel sprouts were delicious! Though I think I put a little too much of the paste, or not enough brussel sprouts.  They shrink a lot more than I thought as they roast!  That’s a pre-roast shot, I forgot to snap one when they were finished.  I was also too busy eating all the little crispy loose leaf pieces, yum!


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