Spice Rack

Well…19 days after the start of the year, and about 2 months since my last post, which means I did not keep my promise of coming back and posting regularly.  Sorry!  Once again, life got busy, and I haven’t even had a chance to cook some new stuff.  I’ve also fallen behind on the weekly theme meals this year, so I think I’ll try to pick them up again when I can.  Perhaps I may even venture into new, random recipes!

In the mean time, enjoy my first little home project, a magnetic spice rack, to help organize all the spices I’ve collected throughout my time cooking.

This is the current spice cabinet,  a little crowded and really annoying trying to find something.

This is the new spice cabinet!  Much easier to find things, and much easier in refilling the little canisters.

As you saw in the old picture, I had a bunch of different bottles and what not.  They’re annoying to fill up with a funnel!  Right now, I only had 18 little new canisters, which I thought would be enough, but as you can see, I’m still about 10 or so short.  I’m also got little labels for the canisters which fit perfect.  They don’t have all the spices, so right now, I have 2 that I just know what they are.

This project was much easier to do than I thought.  I just needed the motivation to finally get it started.  So I forced myself to order the parts so that once they got here, they would either take up space and bother me enough to start or I’d be mad at myself for spending money on them and not using them yet.

The canisters and labels were ordered from Amazon, and the sheet metal was purchased from a trip to Home Depot.  Now I couldn’t drill through my doors as they are really thin so it would not have worked out.  But since the tin canisters and the spices themselves are not very heavy, I was able to just glue the sheet metal to the door (after taking it down) with some liquid nail.

Cabinet door taken down and sheet metal glued on.

Putting the door back on.

Spice close up!

I’m really happy with how this turned out!  I’ll update way later on how the spices and canisters work out after some use.

I have some pictures from my Thanksgiving experience with the turkey, I’ll try to remember to post about that!  And maybe a new recipes or something!


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