2013 Week 32-34 Catch Up!

So I was debating about doing three back to back to back posts to catch up, but then thought that would be a little more work and I’m tired.

Life has played the busy card so I haven’t had a chance to post/cook on my regular schedule.  Things should go back to normal…for now.

Week 32 – Flan

Thanks to Elise for providing me with this simple little recipe! It was delicious!

Week 33 – Peppers and Sausage

Nothing too fancy here, I don’t like the peppers raw so I like to caramelize them down. Fun fact: I love roasted red peppers.

Week 34 – Melitzanosalata

I had some friends coming over this weekend before we headed out for a night of drinking (yes, we were pre-gaming before a all you can drink beer event, don’t judge!) so why not some pita and eggplants to help be a small buffer between the booze at least being able to make it to the event.

Family recipes this week….I think I may have gone through too many already, I don’t know if there’s anything left.  I’ll come up with something!


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