2013 Week 30 – Tomatoes – Tomato Bisque and A Fancy Grilled Cheese

Recently, I’ve been on a tomato soup kick, just about any kind.  So when tomatoes popped up for the theme, I figured I should try my hand at making a tomato bisque!  Of course when you have a tomato soup, you need a grilled cheese to go with it.

This this bisque was a bit more work than I originally thought but that’s ok, it was worth it!  I read around and took parts from recipes that I liked.

I started off by roasting 6 vine tomatoes with some olive oil, brown sugar, and pepper.  400 degrees for about 30 minutes.

While that was roasting it, I chopped up an onion, a red bell pepper, and a carrot.  Tossed in some garlic and let that saute away.  As they were softening up, I prepped by herb bag.  Some thyme sprigs, 3 bay leaves, and dried basil and parsley (cause I had them on hand).

When the tomatoes were done and the veggies soft, I tossed them all together with 4 cups of chicken stock and the herb bag.  Let that simmer together for 30 minutes or so.  Then I had to let it cool before I could start blending it (which took forever).  Remove the herb bag and start blending away.  Then I sifted it through a fine mesh, except for about 2 cups, I wanted to keep some of the pieces.  Then I reheated it back up and added some cream, salt, and pepper.

The grilled cheese was suggested to me by a friend who said this recipe was delicious, which it was!  The green tomato was a nice convenience.  Since I was making some bacon for this sandwich, I crumbled some for the soup too.


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