2013 Week 27 – Smoking – 4th BBQ

This week’s theme is a little tricky for me.  Unfortunately I lack the ability to smoke anything in my little condo.  I also didn’t want to get the place all smokey by trying an oven or stove top method and I didn’t want to open a door as it was raining pretty much all weekend (Atlanta did not have a good weekend weather wise for a 4th celebrating weekend.

Lucky for me, I attended a friend’s 4th BBQ and I decided to document that and take a week off!  Thank you Elise and Ryan!

This setup is quite awesome! Built by hand for the green egg, it’s on wheels so it can be moved in case it needs to be, like this weekend. I believe the Stoker device lets him control the temperature and fan among other things.

Ryan had a pork shoulder smoking in that thing for about 14 hours I believe.  It turned out DELICIOUS!  He had it out while they finished up grilling everything else and people kept picking at it (or at least I was!) while we were waiting.

Everything was fantastic at this BBQ and I wish I remembered to take pictures at the beginning before people started digging in.

Burgers, Hotdogs, Shrimp…baked beans, oh my!

Sidenote, try some pulled pork, topped with baked beans, topped with coleslaw.

Dessert! Of course I tried them allllllllllllllll!


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