2013 Week 26 – Reinventing Classics – The BLT

I don’t know if it’s just around me or if I’ve only been paying attention to this part, but people have been talking about sandwiches a lot.  I like to bounce ideas off people at the start of each theme, and this week, someone mentioned BLTs.  That really stuck with me and we started thinking about how we could redo the very simple BLT but still keep the basics.  This is what we came up with:

B, bacon –> became a roasted pork belly.

I basically used this recipe for the pork belly.  I found it to be simple enough.  I did however sub out the white wine for some broth and a bit of apple cider vinegar.  I also didn’t crisp the skin first.  I wonder if I did if I could have actually kept it.  My way left the skin too tough, so I had to peel it off.  I also took the drippings and added a bit more stock to it and then thickened it up to make a spread for the sandwich, instead of using mayo.  I wanted to make that gravy that was stated, but the veggies ended up being too tough.  Probably not enough broth on my part.  Still OK, the sauce turned out great.

While the pork was roasting away, I made some fried green tomatoes for the T.  These turned out fantastic and I started eating some before the pork was ready.

Lightly toasted some thick sliced bread.  Tore up some romaine lettuce for the L.  Assemble and eat!


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