2013 Week 22 – Breakfast – Hashbrowns “All The Way”

You know what I like after a night of drinking (or at 3 am in the morning)?  Waffle House hashbrowns!  A little tribute to the many late night adventures that ended there or mornings afterward where you want something greasy and delicious (and that one time during snowpocalypse), I decided to recreate the hashbrowns all the way!

not pictured, the Tabasco sauce on top

Just had to get all the ingredients set up:

smothered (onions), diced (diced tomatoes), and peppered (jalapenos)

covered (cheese), chunked (diced ham), and capped (mushrooms)

and topped (chili) – I bought a thing of chili cause I think it would have been too much trouble to make a thing of chili.  Though it would have been delicious!

Here is the not topped version, so you can see some of the other toppings =p


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