2013 Week 21 – Italian – Spaghetti alla Carbonara

If I haven’t mentioned it yet, which I doubt, I love Italian food!  Something I’ve been dying to try my hands at is a carbonara.  Turns out it’s much simpler than I thought, which is good, cause sometimes it’s best to just keep it simple.

I bet I could’ve prettied up the plate, but I really had nothing planned =p

I did a little research on this and decided to stick to a fairly basic recipe.  I would have loved to try using guanciale (tradionally used), but I didn’t want to travel far to find it, so I stuck with pancetta.  Cubed up some slices and just rendered them in a pan.  I added a little garlic and then let them cool.  Cooked the dry spaghetti in salted water.  As the pasta was cooking away, I mixed up 4 eggs with some shredded fresh Parmigiano-Reggiano and crack black pepper.  When everything was ready, I saved some of the pasta water and then drained it.  Added the pasta to a bowl, and then quickly added the egg/cheese mixture and pancetta and stirred like crazy.  You wanna do this part quick so the heat cooks the eggs without scrambling the eggs.  Then I poured some of the pasta water in to kinda get it all creamy looking (and the salt from the water was enough).

I had a great experience at a restaurant once with a poached egg on top that I popped and mixed the creamy yolk around.  I tried my hand at that.  It was not as runny as I would have liked, but still enjoyable!  And of course, more cheese!


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