2013 Week 16 – Fast Food Inspired – Famous Krystals with Fries

With a little bit of planning, I decided to recreate the slider, or Krystal’s version of it…a krystal.  If you don’t know what Krystal’s is, maybe you know White Castle? or…I don’t know of any other ones but they are roughly the same.

I tried to make small, thin patties, but that was trickier than I thought…I don’t know why.

The planning was really just in time to make the pickles.  I just got a cucumber and tossed it into some white vinegar, sugar, salt, and pickling mix.  I did warm the vinegar mixture up so that the sugar and salt would dissolve.  I tried a pickle by itself and it was too vinegary, but with the burger, it worked out perfectly!

The fries did not turn out the way I would have liked.  I tried baking them (to try to be a little healthier), but they ended up sticking to the pan and too soft.  Maybe I cut them too big, and I probably should have flipped them some time in between.  The ones in the photo are just the ones that did turn out well =p.  I did melt a little butter and sauteed some garlic and parsley.  Then tossed all the fries with that mixture and some parm cheese.  Still good!

Stack everything together, toss on some onions, and enjoy!

Stay tuned! There might be a part two…though not exactly fast food.


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