2013 Week 13 – Herbs – Herb Rubbed Pork Chop with Rosemary Mashed Potatoes

I’m trying to catch up on Game of Thrones here and got interrupted with making dinner =p

I usually keep dried herbs on hand, but for this week, I went out and got some fresh herbs to work with.  I got some thyme, rosemary, and sage for the French cut pork chop.  Then some chives (and same rosemary) for some homemade mashed potatoes.  I threw in some kale, cause I really liked it from last week so I wanted more kale!

I found that the fresh herbs created a much lighter taste but still imparted great flavors (and the aroma was wonderful).

Before the herb rub, I had these brining in a water, salt, apple juice, thyme sprig, and rosemary sprig.  Then I rubbed them with chopped up thyme, rosemary, sage, salt, pepper and olive oil.  When my pan was hot enough, I seared them on both sides and then tossed them in the oven to finish.  As that was finishing up, I had the mash potatoes started.

When the potatoes were done cooking, I had them set aside while I lightly browned some garlic, chives, and rosemary in butter.  Then I mashed them all up with some milk, salt, and pepper.

When the chops were done, as they were resting, I made a little sauce by adding some apple juice and stock to the pan and reducing that down.

Happy Chocolate Bunny Day!


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