2013 Week 9 – Tofu – Douhua

Tofu…bean curd…jello version of soy milk?  Whatever you call it, it is mainly a flavorless thing that really takes on whatever seasoning, sauces, or marinades you throw at it.

As this week in Atlanta got pretty chilly, I decided to make a warm Asian dessert/snack, douhua.

Basically, I made a ginger syrup and then diluted that down (so it wouldn’t be super sweet), and added it to some warmed up silk tofu.  I’m used to having it with some soft peanuts on top, but did not have the time to make those (and the Asian market didn’t have the premade drink that I could have used! I was very sad!).

Instead of white sugar, I used brown sugar, I think it really made the difference for this dish, instead of something like a syrup for a cocktail.


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