2013 Week 1 – Appetizers – Pretzel Bites

Yay! Another year and how appropriate that we will be starting with appetizers!

So I thought to myself, what can I do differently this year?  Of course drinks came to mind! For this year, I will try to create or have a fun drink pairing, be it a beer, wine, or cocktail.  Otherwise, I’m going to branch out farther and really try to do all new dishes to me.

This week, pretzel bites (and an attempt to make 1 regular one) from scratch!  I love those mall pretzels and if I ever find myself in a mall, I always get one.  Back in high school, my sister had a brief job at one at our local mall, and she would bring home those pretzels by the cupfuls.  Oh they were so delicious!

What goes with pretzels…beer of course!  We happen to have a German beer left in the fridge, so it’ll do.

Mmmmm, just like the butter covered mall pretzels!  Maybe a little less butter, but still so good!


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