Week 51 – At Home Takeout

I normally get takeout when I’m too lazy to make something for the evening, or it’s gotten too late and it’d just be easier to pick something up on the way home.  I believe that’s the case for just about everyone else.  But sometimes you just want that dish from that one restaurant, but they’re closed, what do you do?!  You try to mimic it at home and it just doesn’t turn out the same, and then you’re sad.

Well, this is not the case for me.  Every so often, (or when I have a lot of leftover rice), I’ll turn it into fried rice.  I usually have everything on hand, it’s just so simple to toss everything together and eat.  I also made a healthier version of a restaurant chicken teriyaki.

The other benefit is that you get to control what goes in it.  Sometimes you may not want carrots in your fried rice.  Or in the roomie’s case, he doesn’t want corn, but he has no say since I made it =p


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