Week 43 – Roasting

As my schedule has been really busy, I had to move my theme cookings to the weekend, Sunday as you can tell.  This means cooking and then posting.  Nothing like a little bit of last minute everything!  Lucky for me, this meal had a lot of prep work that could be done ahead of the actual meal.  This whole week, I kept seeing pictures of roasted vegetables and roots and said to myself at each post, “That look delicious!”  So I wanted to do that along with some meat.  Then I stumbled upon this recipe and thought it would be perfect.

I modified the original recipe, and instead of apples, I roasted a bunch of roots and veggies, separate from the pork loin.  I also did not include the kale leaves.  The sauce you see is just the drippings (and some veggies stock and apple cider vinegar) reduced down with some more stock added at the end.

brussels sprouts, carrots, potato, turnips, parsnips tossed in some olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic

A before shot:

And the after:

Enjoy with a screening of the 1992 hit classic, Sneakers.


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