Week 42 – Casseroles

Ah casseroles…the leftovers solutions.  I also love using casseroles to make a huge batch of food for the week, you know, on those lazy weeks when you just don’t wanna cook after Sunday.

This year, Steve (and 3 other friends) will be off to New Zealand/Australia for the month of November, so they will miss Thanksgiving, which is a tragedy.  So for this week’s theme, I wanted to create a faux Thanksgiving for everyone.  I roasted up some turkey and then created “leftovers” for a turkey casserole.

Of course, no Thanksgiving is complete with some green bean casserole!  I wanted to try making it from scratch this time, instead of from a can.  I did cheat a little and bought the fried onions from a container.

We had a pot luck style dinner with some mac n cheese and sweet potato casserole too.  And like all Thanksgivings, there was so much food and we’ll have leftovers for the week.  Oh! and there was a pie and cookies!


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