Week 33 – Turn Something Boring into Something Great

Are you tired of the same old Elvis Sandwich?  Do you think it’s missing just a little something?  Try Elvis Rolls, patent pending!  (You’ll have to imagine this post as one of those infomercials on TV)

With a little bit of work, you can make these tasty treats in less than 20 minutes!

First off, gather your ingredients, 1 banana, some peanut butter, some honey, some sugar, some butter and a package of croissant dough.

Kids, ask your parents for help for this next part.  Prep the oven as per the instructions on the dough and heat up a pan, medium heat, big enough to fit the banana on.  While that’s heating up, peel and cut the banana in half across the center and then lengthwise.  Dust each piece with some sugar.  Melt the butter in the pan and place the banana pieces on the pan.  Let them caramelize on both sides.  When they are done, take them off the heat and let them cool a little.

Now the fun part!  Cut the banana pieces lengthwise one more time.  Get the dough ready.  I also prepped the peanut butter into a bag so it was easier to squeeze onto the dough.  Now place 1 banana piece on the longer end of the dough, squeeze a line of peanut butter and then a line of honey.  Try to keep the honey a little shorter so it won’t spill out.  Roll it all up and place it on your pan.  Repeat!

If the honey spills out, it just makes the croissants stick to the pan, I caught it and just spatulaed them off the pan as soon as I took them out.

Bake as per the instructions.  I let them stay in til the max time.

Careful, they’re hot! Enjoy!


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