Week 28 – Citrus

I decided to dig deep into my Asian roots for…Orange Chicken!

To be honest, I like the American-Chinese food (I looooooove General Tso’s Chicken, that general knew what he was doing =p), simple and a really good go-to food when you’re feeling lazy.  When you have to make it yourself however, there’s a little bit of work that needs to go into it, but you get to control what goes into it, and the flavor!  Now I’m not one for usually ordering orange chicken, but after reading this recipe, I thought it would be really good.  I once asked someone at a food court if I could try their sesame chicken and then their orange chicken…he told me, they’re the same thing, cept he just adds sesame seeds to one of them.

Lightly frying up the chicken in batches.  The marinade/sauce was fantastic!  So the last picture there…funny story.  I was running out of counter space, so I decided to place the plate of broccoli on top of the fridge.  Well Steve didn’t know that and opened the door and caused that plate to come crashing down.  That’ll teach me to use the fridge as a counter, and hopefully teach Steve to look on top of the fridge before opening it!  Oh! Some of the broccoli landed safely in the fridge itself, those are the few pieces you see that got to make it to the dish.  No floor broccoli for me!

Of course you gotta have Chinese food family style!  I had some napa left over so I chopped those up and just sauteed those with some soy sauce.


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