Strawberry Cake

I’m sorry, I couldn’t think of a title for this, so I just got straight to the point.  So this is me trying to catch up on the list.

Not one for desserts after a meal (usually cause I’m too full), I had to make sure I saved room!  Good thing I did, a yummy finish to a fantastic dinner.

Strawberry financier
It arrives looking almost austere and certainly more conservative than it tastes: a line of cake and fruit cut into a trendy, long rectangle. But on the tongue, any guise of fad disappears. The cake is hot and buttery and melts on contact. The fruit is tart and lively and tastes like pure summer. The only downside is that this dish isn’t available anywhere for breakfast. And lunch. And afternoon tea. And midnight snack.

I wonder if you’re thinking what I was thinking when this dish first came out.  This was not what I was thinking it would look like.  I just thought it would be redder =p.  Everyone at the table thought the same thing.  We just sat there wondering what that was and who ordered it, and if we could eat it.

I decided to try each part separately before taking a together bite.  The cake part, yuuuuuuuuum, the white cream, subtly sweet and creamy, and the strawberry spread? part was tart!  This dessert reminded me of a bread pudding but without the bread part, and more cake like.  Buttery and moist, it did practically melt in my mouth.  Dessert is definitely recommended at this place!

One Midtown Kitchen
559 Dutch Valley Road
Atlanta, GA. 30324


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