Week 21 – French

Bonjour!  I took 4 years of French in high school, and I don’t remember too much except my favorite word, pamplemousse.  It’s just so much fun to say, it just means grapefruit.  So I don’t know much about French cuisine, but I think it has become the standard for a lot of Western cooking.  I wanted to something classical that I could handle.  Not having all the time in the world (some of these dishes take so long to prep, and I don’t have that much time after work!), I went with beef bourguignon, a classical dish of beef braised in red wine.

Doh! Can’t see any of the carrots in the picture…

Start off by marinading some beef chunks in the red wine (among other things).  I did read a tip somewhere that it’s good to cook out the alcohol part in the wine for the marinade, so I did do that.

Turns purple!

Let that marinade for a night, and then prep and cook everything and add them to the pot.  Then let it simmer for at least 2 hours.

As you can see, I decided to go with some noodles on the side to mix in with the sauce.  Also added pearl onions and mushrooms, cooked separate and added in the end.  Had some roasted asparagus to go on the side too.

You can see the little bit of red wine I had leftover, and no wine glass, in the back there.

The recipe is kinda long, I kind of found a bunch of different recipes and combined bits from each one.  I’ll straighten it out, and post it up later.  (Remind me if I don’t!)


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