Week 20 – Rice

Rice…once again, I decided to dig into my past and try something from my childhood.  Now, I have no idea what to call this (in Chinese or English) as I think this might be something my mom just like to put together, so for now, lets go with Chinese Burrito!

The idea really is to just flatten the rice to be the burrito shell, then you can put what you want in the middle and roll it up.

I used things from what I remember my mom putting in there.  She would generally make these for breakfast; or sometimes for traveling, as they made for easy car snacks.

  • Chinese Twist Cruller
  • Shredded Radishes, I chopped them up a little bit more and then sauteed them with some green onions and a splash of soy sauce
  • Dried Shredded Pork (this stuff is just useful to have around as a rice topping)

Roll it up!

Eat like a burrito, except you may want to keep what you use to wrap it with, as the rice will stuck to you otherwise.

Now, that was from my childhood, so I decided to put a spin on one and see how well it works out.  So I got some ingredients for a bánh mì and made a bánh mì burrito.

Found the pickled daikons and carrots at my Asian farmer’s market and marinated some pork slices and just cooked them up.

Turned out yummy! =)


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