Carbonara, Cola, and Lamb…Oh My!

Not three dishes at once, but I did have something unique to me, so I’ll mention that at the bottom.

First up, the drink.  I loved Coke with lime, and I miss it.  So of course I would enjoy a drink made with Mexican Coke (real sugar Coke) and a lime ice cube! The Amaro added to it gives it a cool herby sensation as you’re drinking this, I really enjoyed this drink.

Southern Cola
Already an Atlanta classic, this drink takes Mexican coke, ramps it up with Amaro for tangy eucalyptus depth, and brings it all together with a lime-juice ice cube.

I should mention you probably should not eat the ice cube when you’re done with the drink, like I did, as it is very limey =p.

Next up, carbonara!  If I have not mentioned it before, I LOVE Italian food.  I also like a good egg.  Sunny side up, scrambled, over easy…just about any way.  When I popped this egg and let that creamy yolk drip down, then stirred it all up, I knew I was going to love this.

While the burger might get all the attention, the real late-night savior at H&F is this undersung paragon of simplicity and comfort. Hand-cut pasta dotted with homemade cubes of rendered pancetta are crowned with a perfectly cooked farm egg and wisps of Parmesan. A little tap with your fork lets the golden yolk run and coat the pasta with its own decadent sauce.

Yeeeeea, I finished that in like 15 seconds…or so.

Bonus! Lamb Fries…look them up if you do not know what they are.  They are not what you think they are, slices of lamb in the shape of fries.  I knew that at least, but not exactly what they were, but figured, why the hell not, I’m going to try them!

They were quite good, and that sauce on them was fantastic.

Almost caught up.  Though I don’t know if I’m going to hit my goal of 100 dishes by this may. But I’ll try!

Holeman & Finch
2277 Peachtree Road, Suite B.
Atlanta, GA 30309


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