Week 15 – One Pot

One pot, what a fun and simple theme.  You can make it as complicated as you want it to be, and since I’ve been gone all week and just got back last night, I decided on something simple for lunch.  We had some beer in the fridge and found this recipe for some beer-braised sausages that was simple enough for my time constraint.

Quite the random beer in the fridge.

This was a very simple and lite lunch.  Some onion slicing here and potato chopping there, and then just add 1 item at a time and let it cook.

Everything in the pot.  I did add less water (about 1 cup less) and used some beef stock seasoning (I had those flavor packets on hand).  I also did not dress the potatoes.  I just took out both the sausages and potatoes and let the liquid reduce a bit more.  Then just spooned some on to the plate and on top of the tots and sausages.

I think the flavor from the beer and sausages were enough for the potatoes.  I wish I thought ahead and got some bread to mop up the sauce afterwards.


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