Burgertime Part Deux

As I keep promising to update my list more often, it seems I am not keeping up with that.  Also, it seems I may not reach the end of the list by the end of this year as it’s almost been a year and I have not completed 50 of the dishes.  I think it’s cause there are just so many new restaurants popping up and I keep wanting to try those and cooking for the challenge, its just getting harder and harder to hit up items from the list.  I still plan on finishing it though, it’ll just take a little longer than planned.

Well, since I have some time to kill right now, I decided to catch up on another old entry.

Apache-style burger at Grindhouse Killer Burgers
A freshly ground hamburger patty (two of them, if you want) is topped with roasted Hatch green chilies, pepper jack cheese and grilled onions. Tangy but not sizzling-hot, the juicy burger allows you to eat the best chilies in America while grooving on a décor and menu that are pleasingly nostalgic if you’re old, and retro-campy if you’re young.

If you’re keeping count, this the second burger on the list. though a little different (The fries in this case were a bonus for me, cause well, I’m a sucker for fries).  Being more than your typical cheese burger, this came topped with grilled onions and peppers, YUM!  It was a little small (I’m glad I got the double patty), but still held what I was looking for in a burger, grease! (I know, unhealthy).

Besides being that typical greasy, delicious burger, the grilled onions were a great touch.  I don’t like raw onions, but if you grill them, I can eat them by the dozens.  I could not taste the peppers or any heat from the burger though.  I do like spicy foods and can handle a good amount, so there could have been some heat but I didn’t get any.  I think it could have used some more peppers too.  Next time, I’ll have to do a fried egg, cause lets face it, adding a fried egg to a burger is just a great idea.

Grindhouse Killer Burgers
1842 Piedmont Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30324


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