Week 14 – Sandwiches

Who doesn’t love a good sandwich?  No one, right?

For this week, I decided to try my hand at a classic, meatball subs!

A delicious, messy sandwich, covered in some Parmesan cheese, yum!

For a new twist (for me at least), I decided to make just about everything from scratch (the bread I bought).  So that means getting all the parts for the meatball, mixing them up, and rolling them into little golf balls.

Next, as the meatballs were cooking, I got started on the marinara sauce.  The sauce was fairly simple, I was actually very surprised.  I’ll probably have to start making my own from now on, instead of buying from the jar!

Meatballs finished as the sauce was still simmering.  I let them rest for a little bit…

and then tossed them into the sauce pot so they can simmer together for a while.

Next, when everything was ready, I toasted the bread, filled it with meatballs, covered it in sauce, and sprinkled the cheese on top.


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