Week 13 – Russian

Ah vodka (I had this one on hand, despite it being from Holland) and cabbage, if only I had some potatoes (which turns out I did, you can see the sack in the top right corner).  I kid, I kid!  I’ve grown attached to the themes where I have little experience in, it gives me a chance to try something new.  This week, I went for a sweet Russian cabbage soup (a Schi variation I believe).

Quite simple and delicious!  I was actually surprised at how much I enjoyed it.  Recipe here, but you basically put most of the ingredients in a pot, simmer away, and then add the chopped cabbage for the last 20-25 minutes.  I did follow some of the other suggestions, and cut some water and added another can of tomatoes.  I also cooked the onions, beef, and garlic first, before adding the other things to the pot.

Don’t worry, all that cabbage shrinks and becomes very tender.

Pour yourself some vodka and enjoy!

I will say, I wish I thought ahead a little and got some bread for this, I feel like that would have just made this perfect.


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