Week 12 – Cheese

Ah cheese, so good on its own (in fact I’m having slices of Swiss as I’m typing his), and so useful in many dishes.  I was racking my brain for a bit thinking of what to do with the cheese so I wouldn’t repeat a dish I already posted about (like mac n cheese).  Someone at work mention nachos and I immediately say, “Yes! That’s it!”

I decided make these extra cheesy nachos, so cheese on top, and cheese mixed around in the bottom chip layer.

Oh, and I couldn’t find any freshly shredded other cheese, so I just got some sliced cheddar and pepper jack and sliced them into small pieces (I also don’t have a shredder…I know, I know).  Mixed it up with the shredded queso, and split it between the chip layer and the toppings layer.

Toppings can be just about anything you want.  I decided to chop up some tomatoes, a fresh jalapeno, and an avocado.  Cook up some ground beef and onions with taco seasoning, and then warm up some corn and black beans with a little bit cumin.

I added more cheese, I just almost forgot to snap a picture before the cheese covered everything.

Bake in the oven for 10 minutes to melt all the cheese and enjoy.  You can add some salsa, sour cream, and pickled jalapenos. I like to splash some hot sauce over it all too.

I wanted a cool picture with the cheese being stretched across, but everything was super hot and it was hard to hold it still and snap a picture with all the toppings on 1 chip.


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