Three Little Piggies and a Drink

Pork, a most wonderful meat.  Pork ribs…yum, pork chops…yum, BBQ pork shoulder…yum, bacon…yum, I think you get the idea.  A fairly versatile ingredient, it can be prepared many different ways and this dish does just that.  Before I get to that, lets take a look at this drink.

This was bound to happen, I was just hoping it wouldn’t, but it did.  A dish (in this case, a drink) has been taken off the restaurant’s menu.  So I won’t be able to show the Great Enigma.  However, I asked the bartender if there was a drink that could be made in comparison, not something close enough but something worthy of replacing it as a “drink you must try.”  I got the Flying Zero.

Flying Zero
Made with Bluecoat gin, a shallot-citrus gastrique, lemon, and Denchon soy, it was quite an interesting drink.  At first sip, it almost had a savory taste from the soy and shallots, but then the gin and lemons/citrus kick in and create a unique blend.

On to the main course:

Three Little Piggies
A study in porky contrasts, this revamped version of the restaurant’s popular three-pigs dish offers a base of velvety grits, a centerpiece of pork loin, the sweet/sour combo of pickled grapes, bitter greens, and chicharrón “popcorn” that literally snaps, crackles and pops as it arrives in front of you. From salty to crunchy to creamy to bursts of juicy fruit, this is that rare entrée that’s creative, accessible and stunningly delicious.

When I read the dish’s title, I was hoping for 1 of 2 things: 3 styles of pigs in a blanket or pork prepared three ways.  It ended up being the latter, which I was totally OK with.  There was a grilled pork loin resting on the grits and greens with some pieces of pork sausage, topped with little bits of fried pork rinds (skin).  A great way to show case the different methods of cooking pork, I really enjoyed this dish.  There was only one little thing off, which was the pork loin was left on the grill a little too long, so it was a little dry.  It wasn’t too bad though, cause there was a delicious sauce at the bottom of the plate to help with that.  The little bit of crisp from the rinds added a fun crunch to the dish, and well, the pieces of sausage…I wish I had more!

4th & Swift
621 North Avenue Northeast
Atlanta, GA 30308


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