Week 9 – Coffee

Coffee…pretty much drink this stuff every morning…and then into the afternoon.  With the start of this week, I didn’t really have an idea of what to do with coffee, besides brew it and drink it.  Asking around, I actually got a lot of ideas from all my friends.  Ranging from steak crusted steaks to a coffee infused rum cake.  Somewhere along the way, I decided on trying a tiramisu.  However, that changed again when Steve said, “Why don’t you put some chocolate-coffee thing inside a taco?”  So I of course replied, “You mean a choco taco?”  Sooooo….I landed on a coffee ice cream choco-taco!

Lucky for me, I have an ice cream machine acquired from a friend, so this was all very possible.  After doing a little research, I landed on these two recipes: coffee ice cream and choco taco.  I started with getting the ice cream made last night and so it would be ready for the tacos today.

The aroma alone from this was amazing.  I love the smell of coffee.

When the ice cream was ready (btw, so good!), I had to try not to eat any so I could stuff them into homemade taco shells (waffle shells without the waffle lines).  The site had a nice little tip on making the shells.  You put them on book binders to get the shape!  Genius!

We thought these would be the best books to use. =p

Shells chilling in the freezer.

Once the shells are ready, you paint them with some chocolate to create a chocolate shell.  Then back into the freezer for a little while.

When everything was ready, you combine everything, and let them freeze again.  Then enjoy!


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