Week 4 – Pan Frying

Woo! 4 weeks in, and I’m still keeping up with this!  I’m fairly surprised at myself.

So this week lands on a Thursday dinner night hosted at our household.  I thought instead of doing two separate meals, I decided to combine the two and have my friends join me in this week’s dish.  I shall be pan frying some rib-eye slices for some Philly cheesesteaks! (and 1 eggplant for our veggie eater)

  • sliced rib-eye (chopped up eggplant for April)
  • onions thinly sliced
  • sweet peppers (or bell peppers) thinly sliced
  • bread
  • sliced provolone (I know you’re suppose to use cheese whiz, but we voted on provolone)
  • salt, pepper, oregeno

Cooking dinner for multiple people requires a bit of prep work and timing.  Before everyone arrives, I get everything chopped up so I can just toss everything on the pan when I’m ready.

Peppers and onions done, on to the meat!  I saved the eggplant til last minute because it will start to brown (oxidize) if you let it sit out too long exposed.

Pan frying some sliced up rib-eye.  Toss it around and add in some salt, ground black pepper, and oregano.

And the eggplant!  I added the same seasonings, and some veggie stock so it could soak it up.  I would just pour in a little at a time as it was cooking.

Eggplant sandwiched up!  You can’t see the cheese, but it’s in there!

You can see the cheese in this one!  A little…I wished I remembered to snap a cheese shot, it looked all cool melting on top right before taking it off the pan.

I sampled the eggplant one and I thought it was quite good.  I think the little bit of veggie stock really helps, or it’ll be really dry and plain.  As for the meat, since I used rib-eye, it didn’t need much else as it has a natural marbling of fat to keep it moist and….well, rib-eye is just delicious! Oh! and bonus dessert!

Ice Cream! Thanks Em!

Next week: Beer/Wine/Liquor, exciting!


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