Eggs – Week 1

First week into the “52 Weeks of Cooking” challenge and I almost don’t make it.

In case you’re wondering what this is, I’ve decided to participate in this challenge (found on Reddit) where once a week, the goal is to use the named ingredient, theme, dish, or cooking style to whip up something edible.  As I love cooking (and eating!), I thought this would be a fun way for me to try something new, especially if the week’s challenge is something I’ve never done before.

Starting off the challenge is the incredible, edible egg (hehe, I had to).  Now I had this new dish planned out that I wanted to try but as the week passed by, I didn’t have time to go out and get the ingredients or even cook something when I got home from work.  So then I thought, what could I do?  Well as I’m a late to rise in the morning type of person, I usually eat breakfast on the go or a breakfast bar at the office.  This means no fancy eggs, toast, and bacon for me, cause let’s face it, I like the extra 30 minutes or so of sleep I get instead.

So I thought I would make a very simple breakfast, sunny side up eggs (my favorite!).  The catch, breakfast for dinner! Who doesn’t like that?!

Me trying to be fancy with my point and shoot camera.

Nothing fancy here, a little under 1 tablespoon of butter, on a medium heat.  Let it sit there until the center whites are just about..well, white (instead of clearish).

Now I think I may have let them sit just a little too long as some white got pushed into the yolk, but I got side tracked with managing the sausage and toast too.

No worries though, it was still delicious and runny!  I wish I remembered to snap a picture of the yolk all runny and me mopping it up with the bread, but I got caught up in eating as I was hungry!

Next week, Chinese…oh what shall I make?


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