Holiday Treat – Week 0

I remember back in my childhood, my best friend’s father would always make this super delicious fudge with marshmallow flush.  I loved it so much.  (As fudge is one of the few chocolate like things I like).  When I got a little older, I tried to mimic it.  I tried twice…..and failed twice.  After that, I gave up on making fudge, I just figure I couldn’t get it right.

Well tonight, I decided to try again.  A little wiser in the cooking field, and some help from this site, I finally got it right!  I followed the recipe, and here are my results.

Oh that’s right, it’s a chocolate nutella fudge!

Everything getting all melty together!

Ready to chilllet me say, licking the spoon clean was fantastic!

Final product! Quite delicious!  Though I wish I had fancier way of displaying it and bring it to work.  Next goal, presentation!

Now to test it on the coworkers =p


4 thoughts on “Holiday Treat – Week 0

  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the fudge. It looks as though your persistence paid off! As for presentation, you could place each piece in a decorative paper candy cup, found at stores such as Michael’s.

  2. That looks delicious. You should also try making nutella hot “chocolate” to go with it — just heat up like a cup of whole milk and pour in a couple spoon fuls of nutella, stir it up, it will dissolve really nicely.

    Its so damn delicious.

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