Sooooo, Persian Food

One of the cool pluses of this list is the chance to try not just new restaurants, but new cuisines!  I’m sure you guessed it then, Persian food!  Something I’ve never tried, I was excited to try my appitzier and then order a entree to get the whole experience.  First up, dolmeh:

It’s the pomegranate that makes this dish — a shock of sweet/tart that permeates the rice, split peas and grape leaf wrap. The copious tarragon helps the allure, as does the base of cooling yogurt. But the pomegranate will keep you coming back.

This sweet/tart appetizer was a bit of a surprise!  I didn’t know what to expect as this was completely new to me.  My verdict…yum!  Mopping up some of that yogurt, and then taking a bite, created a nice mix of the tart from the pomegranate (not too tart, as the yogurt helps with that), then the sweet kicks in, blending with all the herbs in it, that I pretty much have no idea what else is in it.  I say that cause the menu from the website says ground beef, but I didn’t really taste any beef over the all the other flavors.  I was worried from the descriptions that it would be herby and cilantro heavy and thus I wouldn’t enjoy it as much, but I was wrong (good thing) and really liked it.

Bonus!  My entree: Zereshk Polo with Chicken – Fluffy saffron basmati rice, mixed with barberries and saffron garnished with almonds and pistachios and served with chicken barg kabob.

Sometimes with kabobs, they end up being dry or bland because they are too thick to get flavor in the center.  This was different, the chicken was pounded so it was thinner and soaked up a lot of the marinade, and remained super tender after it was cooked.  I was happy with my choice!

1814 Peachtree St.
Atlanta, GA 30309


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