Bowl O Noodle

18 Days!  Whoa!  I’ve been super busy with life and work so I haven’t even had time to try a new place =..

I do have one from about two weeks ago that I haven’t had a chance to update with, so with the few spare minutes that I have, I shall update.

As the month of September comes and goes, so comes the end of summer.  With that, the temperature in Atlanta started cooling off.  I decided that would be a great time for me to get some soup and noodles.  I love noodles (yep, add another item to the list of things I like), and like any college staple, ramen noodles were always plentiful in my dorm.  However, if the ramen I ate back in the days for 10 cents a pack was anything like this, I wouldn’t have had to venture to the dining halls to spice up my meals.

Tonkotsu Ramen
Buttery and cloudy, the pork bone-based tonkotsu broth is the undisputed star of the bowl with its intense piggy flavor rounded out with the almost milky collagen-rich broth. Tender slices of rolled pork come in a close second. When plucked from the bowl, crinkly noodles bring along al dente rectangles of stewed bamboo shoots and bright pops of green onion.

I know, right?! I wish there were more pork slices though.  They were so tender, they almost melted in your mouth when you took a bite.  This totally hit the spot on the start of the cold season.  It was also a nice change of pace from the usual Phở that we get every other weekend or so.  Way better than the average cup-o-noodles, if this was the norm, I think there would be less dining halls on campus.

Two things though: 1) Even though the menu said seaweed (and CL says bamboo shoots), neither were present.  Instead I got shredded cabbage and carrots, a slaw mix so it seems.  I did not enjoy that.  I don’t know if it was just that one time, or if that’s what they changed it to, but I don’t think shredded cabbage and carrots should be in ramen.  2)  The soup is much saltier than you think it is.  It’s fine with the noodles, pork, and slaw, but once you’re done with those, don’t drink up all the broth (like I did), cause afterwards, you’ll say “That was too salty!”

The other items in the background were chicken yakitori (what the restaurant was named for, so I had to try it) and tofu slices.  The tofu slices were not what I thought they were going to be, plus they had ginger on them, so I did not enjoy those.  The yakitori sticks (chicken skewers in this case), were fantastic though.

I’m off to New York this weekend, so maybe another travel update!

Yakitori Jinbei
2421 Cobb Parkway
Smyrna, GA 30080


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