Fried Goat Cheese

I am no cheese connoisseur.  I generally like it, on pizza, in sandwiches, on pasta, a light cheddar on a plate with some wine…I’m not picky.  Goat cheese is something I do not go out of my way to order, I don’t hate it, but it’s no Parmesan in my books.  Now, there is that wonderful rule that anything fried is delicious, so I had some high hopes for this dish going in.

Fried goat cheese
Fried goat cheese has been a somewhat hackneyed trick for decades now, but Ecco gets it just right with a feather-light batter and goat cheese balls small enough to become warmed and gushy all the way though. A drizzle of honey on top counteracts the cheesy tang. The crowning glory is a coarse sprinkle of cracked black pepper. It adds a wicked bite to this decadent dish that is basically gourmet, elegant, sexy fair food.

When I bit into one of these, it was very gooey, in a good way!  Like that gooey cheese on a pizza that has just melted right from the oven.  Then bam, goat cheese straight to the taste buds.  But then that was immediately mixed with the sweetness from the honey drizzled on it and the kick from the cracked black pepper.  I will say that I was glad the honey was there, it cut out a chunk of the tang from the goat cheese that I usually don’t like.  The freshly cracked black pepper was my favorite part of it though.  I thought it blended so nicely with the honey and goat cheese to tie it all together, you didn’t get that feeling of “yuck, I just bit into a peppercorn.”  The lightly fried part was also amazing.  No batter taste, it was just light enough to hold it all together, and added a very light crisp to the whole thing.  This whole dish was just put together so nicely. =)

Til next time.

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Atlanta, GA 30308


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