Tofu Soup

We’re back to the list, with such a clever title and all.

Jjigae, or Korean tofu soup, is more of a stew made with tofu and other ingredients ranging from pork to beef honeycombs to fish row to mushrooms.  The more noticing features of this soup, is the fact that it comes out boiling hot, its a little spicy (it doesn’t have to be though), and you get to crack a raw egg into it and let it cook on the spot.

Kimchee and pork tofu soup
A bowl of bubbling, lava-like red broth comes to the table via a rolling cart. Break the raw egg into the center of it, and stir the quickly cooking yolk into the jumble of pork belly, silken tofu and spicy kimchee leaves. Then let the gobbling, sweating and moaning with pleasure commence.

Too hot to dive right in, as you can see, you usually have to let it cool just a little bit, or you’ll burn your tongue and have a even harder time finishing the rest of the dish.  A delicious little soup, its nothing to be wowed about though.  Let me explain!  Tofu soup is one of those dishes where it’s really hard to mess up.  It’s pretty much standardized wherever you go, so it comes down to the side dishes you get and the experience you have at that restaurant.  I’ve been to 3 different places around Atlanta for tofu soup and its been the same for me.  I usually choose one over the other because of these little fish cakes and potatoes.

What are these little side dishes I keep talking about?  Well, Korean cuisine is usually served with banchan, which refers to these typical small dished side items served with steamed white rice.  The most common one is kimchi (this post has ended up being a Korean cuisine lesson huh?), spicy, fermented vegetables.  Here’s what we got:

A little note, that fried fish is so good, but a pain to eat cause of all the tiny bones.  Bottom line, delicious, give it a try if you have that Asian food craving but want to try something new and different from that usual Chinese takeout.

So Kong Dong
5280 Buford Highway, Suite C.
Doraville, GA 30340


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