I don’t watch the show, but you couldn’t tell based on the last two quotes huh? =p

Sorry for the delay once again, but I’ve just been so busy and I didn’t want to just half-ass a quick write up.

Now, without farther ado, the rest of my NJ trip!  We’ll start with the end of the Italian street festival, not the most fitting end to a way too hot night, but still delicious none the less.  Whenever I go to a theme park or festival here in the south (be it GA or FL), I always try to find elephant ears or funnel cakes.  Nothing beats deep frying some dough and then covering it with powdered sugar.  The only downside is they are super messy to eat (powdered sugar everywhere)!  Well, if you didn’t figure it out yet, the Italians have a little dessert very similar to this.  Zeppoles!

I wanted to show you just how much powdered sugar there was! 

So simple, so bad for you, so gooooooooood.  A slight different from funnel cake, which makes it a little bit easier to eat, and share.  Put a dozen in a paper bag, dump in some powered sugar, and shake it all about…you do the….haha just kidding.  Let me tell you though, still just as messy to eat.

Now how could I visit NJ/NY without getting a bagel?  I can’t!  Last time I was here, I got a bagel, and this time, I got the same bagel…why…because it’s just that good.

Not pictured, this amazing spread that the others got for their bagel that I WILL get next time.

Super fresh and soft, I would get one every morning if I could.  Mine = toasted onion with a fried egg in the middle…Mmmmmm!

I happened to walk by:

The line to get in there and take a picture was around the block so I just did the “here’s a picture of people taking a picture of  a place” picture.  If you don’t know what this is (like me at the time), it’s from a show on TLC called Cake Boss.

I had a wonderful time and was sad to leave, but we all can’t stay on vacation forever.  This just means I’ll have to take more mini vacations!

That’s it for now.  I got one more little bonus post, and then back to the list, promise!


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