“Yabba Dabba Doo”

First, a quick update!  Sorry for the MIA, but I’ve been quite busy.  I wanted to get this post out before I left for my mini vacation to NY (more to come on that later) but that didn’t happen, and then when I did get back, I was busy with work and now I’m sick.  I got one more post about the list, and that will catch me up.  Then I got some updates about NY (a little travel section for my flog) and then I shall continue on my list conquest.

Normally, when one orders ribs from a BBQ joint, one thinks a long slab of multiple ribs.  Well, those are usually pork ribs, tiny tiny pork ribs…compared to a beef rib.  Usually you get anywhere from 1-2 ribs, depending on the size, and place, but don’t worry, that’s plenty when you actually see the plate that comes out!

The Beef Rib
The Flintstones would be proud of this monstrous, nicely fatty beef short-rib. One poke with your fork and the beefy goodness falls off the bone. Each smoky shred of is a hefty heaven, especially when it’s paired with a bowl of creamy and tangy coleslaw.

This was ONE massive rib.  If you can’t tell, it spanned across the whole plate, and took up about two-thirds of the space.  I tired picking it up by the bone, and you can see where there meat started to detach itself, so I had to put it back down. A lot of people will tell you how they like their BBQ their way, and thus it’s hard to say “this is the best BBQ place in town,”  so I won’t say that.  I will say that I love their dry rub seasoning and smoking method.  The unique seasoning mix, with a nice smoky taste, with a hint of sweetness creates a most delicious dry rub BBQ.

I’ve been a fan of Fox Bros since a few years back but I’ve never ordered the beef rib, as it’s usually a special and it goes fast when it’s on the menu.  I’m glad I got to try this,  it was quite the treat!

Fox Bros Bar-B-Q
1238 Dekalb Ave
Atlanta Ga 30307


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