Crab Heaven

It seems I’ve developed the habit of posting to kill time.  Which should work out now, one post a week to one dish a week, at least.  This was a little longer between times because I went out too many times in the last 2 weeks.  There will be bonus posts on those certain Thursdays, or when I get 2 dishes a week!

Of course right after Bones, we just had to go to Bacchanalia.  If you’ve never heard of Bacchanalia, then you’re in the same boat I was in a few weeks ago.  Contemporary American cuisine, four-course prix fixe menu, with a changing menu based off the seasons (or nightly!).  Quite a pricey place, but well worth the food, and experience!  Even though my dish was just an appetizer, we got the whole four-course experience, and it was just amazing.  So as a bonus, I’ve included shots of two of the other three dishes I got.  I forgot to snap a pic of the cheese dish before I started digging in =p.

Blue crab fritter
In many ways this is the OG of Atlanta fine-dining dishes. Bacchanalia’s menu is continually changing, and this is one of the few constants. It’s light and refreshing while also being rich and decadent — a pile of crab over citrus with hints of vanilla, and Thai pepper that just touches on spicy. Slices of avocado add rich buttery texture. A dish that hits every point and counterpoint on the palate while remaining totally harmonious.

Those pictures do not do this dish justice, but it was the best I could do.  These fritters…THESE FRITTERS…I could live off of these fritters!  No fillers here, just a ball of crab lightly battered, and then fried to perfection.  This “pile of crab meat” was, and still is, the best appitzier I have ever had.  The small hint of sweetness from the vanilla, and the spice from the chili is like icing on the best cake you’ve ever had.  I guess there is a very good reason why this dish remains constant in their ever changing menu.


Local Berkshire Pork: Loin, Belly, Sausage
Mustard Spaetzle
Mustard Greens, Baby Carrots
Summerland Farm Peaches

I believe Steve put it best by saying, “This is the best brat I’ve ever had.”

Summer Fruit Sorbets
Blueberry: Lemon Thyme Gelee
Peach: White Port Cayenne Gelee
Charentais: Cilantro Curry Gelee
Watermelon: Cucumber Mint Gelee

The sorbets were the perfect ending, nice and refreshing.  The gelee was for the contrast was…interesting.  I like 3 out of 4 of them.  I can’t say I liked the contrast, I can say I loved the sorbet flavors.

1198 Howell Mill Road NW # 100
Atlanta, GA 30318



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