“Hakuna Matata”

Atlanta has this cool thing called Screen on the Green where during the summer, they show movies once a week at a park for free!  So depending on the movie, we get we’ll skip a Thursday dinner to see a movie.  It’s nice, we bring some sheets, and pack a picnic.  However, this year was on the brink of being canceled (it was, but then it was brought back), but then people found a sponsor…but a little too late as they decided to skip a week, and the movie, The Lion King.  That made us mad!  Well, some of us, I didn’t know, and only found out later that we would be watching The Lion King at the next Thursday where we would all be present.  I was OK with that as I love that movie (along with most other Disney movies)!

So with my love of making a themed dinner, I took a stab at some African cooking.  I present to you Berbere beef and shrimp, coucous made with veggie stock (for our pescetarian eater =p) and zucchini with tomatoes.  Oh, and for dessert, ice cream with animal crackers! hehe

This turned out quite well in my opinion at least.  The berbere flavoring reminded me of Indian cooking.  It has a lot of flavoring in it, with a light heat behind it.  If I had to compare it to something, the “mild” one reminds me of masala in Indian cooking, and the “hot” one, well, I can’t think of something so you’ll just have to try it yourself.  The sauce jar had a stew recipe on it, so I think somewhere down the line, I’m going to give that a shot.



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