This One Taco Place

I know, I know, this was suppose to be written last week, but I forgot on Monday, and then got really busy the rest of the week, so here I am catching up!  Also, its pretty close to dinner time and I’m thinking its not the best time to be writing this cause it’s just going to make me hungrier.

Since I’ve been in Atlanta, I’ve always lived ITP (Inside the Perimeter) aka inside 285 for those who don’t know, and for the most part, pretty much in the center of the perimeter, near Midtown.  So of course, that means, almost every weekend, when we want something to eat on our hungover day, we would drive all the way up 85 to pretty much OTP (you can figure it out =p), to Buford Hwy., to get pho, dim sum, tofu soup or Chef Lui’s and then get our Asian market grocery shopping done.  We would always complain about the drive and what not, but we never bothered trying to find a closer place, or getting other hangover brunch/lunch foods.  Now Buford offers many other things, but as I just said, we didn’t stray from our usual 4 things.

Now, one day after work, a coworker suggested this taco place, and who am I to turn down tacos.  Let me say, I am SO HAPPY I didn’t, because this place has been one of my favorite paces to go for tacos since then.  So after this dinner, I go back to my friends and tell them about this taco place on Buford and how they all NEED to try this place.  Of course, this is really hard to pull off, cause if we’re going to drive all the way out there, we usually have our hearts set on one of the four things.  As I’m trying to convince everyone to try Taqueria El Rey de Taco, our friend Matias has been trying to convince us to try “this one taco place on Buford” for quite some time.  It’s not til I try El Ray’s when I realize that this has been the taco place he’s been talking about the whole time and we SHOULD have tried it so long ago!  So I jumped ships and work on getting everyone to stray from our comfort zones to try a new place.  Needless to say, we succeeded and everyone loves El Ray’s.

OK, enough story, food time:

Carnita taco on a freshly made tortilla
The ultimate two-bite fast food. Succulent chunks of slow-cooked pork carnitas with a hint of barbecue-esque bark are nestled with chopped cilantro and white onion into a handmade tortilla by the resident abuela. A dollop of the neon-green avocado salsa makes this humble peasant’s dish rich with flavor.

I mentioned before, I’m not a picky eater, but there are a handful of things I don’t like.  Raw onions is one of them, and so I had to ask for no raw onions (however, the grilled ones on these tacos are super delicious) . Sorry!  I’m getting super hungry just looking at that picture…I need to go eat dinner.  What can I say, drizzle some lime juice from a fresh cut lime, dollop a bit of the avocado salsa (as they say), dab a bit of the other hot sauce (picture below), and Go.To.Town. on it.  The meat is so tender and juicy, full of rich flavors of secret? seasonings they use,  the sauces and grilled onions add a extra kick, this taco is just perfect!

Here, some other tacos:

So if you’re like my friends and me, then change up your routine and try new places!  You could be missing out on tacos!

Taqueria El Rey de Taco
5288 Buford Highway
Atlanta, GA 30340


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