“Mmm Doughnuts”

To quote Homer Simpson, “MmmMmmMmm, Doughnuts…” indeed!  Just reading the selects of flavors from Sublime Doughnuts is enough to make you start drooling.  Just imagine what you’ll do when you walk into this shop off of 10th Street and get a whiff of these freshly baked little treats!

Now I’m already a frequent visitor of this place before I started this list thing, and when I saw Sublime Doughnuts on the list under sweets, I was thinking, “Yea, like I need another reason to keep coming back for donuts.”  These donuts are not your standard glazed, jelly-filled, or chocolate icing donuts.  Instead, you have ones like Fresh Strawberry N’ Cream, Toffee Crumbs, Bacon and Maple Glazed (a special for that day and I happen to get the last one!), Banana Chocolate Fritter, and Orange Dream Star.  I didn’t have to get some other flavors, but I couldn’t pass by stopping here and just getting one doughnut.

Orange dream star
Yeasty star-shaped doughnut plus tangy orange-infused cream filling plus delicate orange glaze equals doughnut heaven in all its gut-busting, sugar shock-inducing glory. Indulge slowly and carefully. Ah, screw it. Just buy two.

So you can see the creamy center goodness!

When I first tried this one, I would say I was not a big fan, because it was a little too tangy for me for a doughnut.  But now that I tried it again, and I think back, I believe it was because I only got to try an edge piece and did not get a bite with the cream-filled center.  (My first time here I had gotten a box with random flavors and brought it back for some friends and we cut them all up and tried like 8 different flavors).  I would say now that this one is pretty good, as long as you get a bite with the orange glaze topping and vanilla cream cheese center.  I like to imagine that this is the doughnut version of an orange dreamsicle.

If you were wondering why I listed those 4 other flavors up top, when I have about 20 other flavors I could have listed, it was because those were the other ones I got, and here they are!

In that exact order.  I probably should have done a better job with the strawberry cream one, as it looks muuuuuuuuuch better when you can see the fresh strawberries and cream in the center.

Stay tuned for another dish. I got quite a lot done this weekend, but for now, time to prepare for some holiday bbq!

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

Sublime Doughnuts
535 Tenth Street Northwest
Atlanta, GA 30318

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