Royal Giraffes

Once a while back ago, me and my group of friends named our Thursday night dinner gathering the Royal Giraffes Scotch and Supper Club. I think somewhere along the way, the name got lost, but we still get together at least every Thursday for dinner. Usually, one of the households cooks a home-cooked meal for everyone, while another household brings the beer and appetizers. Then we just rotate between the households. We’ve been doing this for a few years now.

Recently, we’ve added trying a new restaurant to the rotation, which has been quite enjoyable! Yep! As you’ve guessed by now, tonight’s Thursday dinner has landed on a restaurant so I’ve decided to share my evening. I’ve also decided to share the Thursday nights where I cook, and even try to include the recipes I use, but that’ll be another night and another post.

So to decide what restaurant we’ll be going to, we just pick out a few and then just vote on it. This week, it was between 5 Seasons or 4th & Swift.  Now obviously, you could see which one I voted for, but I lost (4th & Swift, as it’s only the second post I’m sure no one has read the list of restaurants AND memorized them all =p).  No worries though, the 5 Seasons was great.  The beer – good, the food – delicous, and the weather – perfect; so we got to dine outside on the skybar aka outside second floor patio.

We all ordered some apps and shared but here are the highlights from what I got:

Homemade “5” Pretzel buckwheat, creamy mustard cheese

Haha, misread that at first and I thought there was going to be 5 pretzels coming…it was meant to be the shape of the number 5, silly me!  I’m not one for mustard, but I still tried the sauce and it was still mustardy enough that I didn’t like it.  The pretzel however, was just perfect!  Just enough salt and soooooo soft.  To top it all off, we got the beer cheese soup (sorry, forgot to snap a pic) and used it as dipping cheese for the pretzel and bread we got.  They went perfectly together!

Ropa Vieja braised all natural steak, tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, lime avocado mashed potatoes & plantain chips

Despite the name, it was pretty much a pot roast, as you can see.  It was still really good! (You’ll soon learn I’m not a very picky eater and I’ll probably enjoy most things).  It was a bit salty as they added some extra course salt to the dish on top, but you could even it out if you took a bite with other things like the carrots or mashed potatoes.  I should mention there were chunks of avocados in the mashed potatoes and they added a hint of sweetness that made them quite enjoyable.

Good night all!


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