The Opener

I just ate a quarter of a watermelon, a seedless watermelon, and it was delicious.

Once again, I have decided to try a blog, but this time it’ll be different!  This time, I going to try harder to keep it going past a week.  The main reason I started a blog this time will be to document a goal of mine after I read this article.  I’m from the fine city of Atlanta, where I like to believe the food experience here is comparable to some of the other fine places in the nation…even THE WORLD! (haha, probably not, but one can dream).  So I’ve lived here for over 10 years and I haven’t even been to 20 of the restaurants on that list!  Now that doesn’t mean I don’t eat out, it’s just that we have so many restaurants and I already have my favorites for certain foods.  Recently though, I have been venturing out of my bubble to give new restaurants a try and it has been wonderful!  It’s really thanks to my restaurant buddy, (who I’m gonna miss a lot when she leaves!) that I’ve been trying lots of new places.  Also, it turns out Atlanta has like a restaurant week every month or so. =p

So if you haven’t figured it out yet, my plan is to work through this list and try every one of those dishes from these different restaurants.  Even if I’ve been to place, I’ve decided to try it again, for the experience, and so I can document of it…..and it’s probably delicious, so I don’t really see a down side to this.  Now I’m not crazy…nor rich so I don’t plan on doing this in 100 days or so.  I was thinking something more along the lines of 1 a week, maybe 2.

To start this list off, I’ll be going with Chef Lui’s!  This is a frequent dining place for me and my friends.  They do a very amazing job of serving traditional Chinese dumplings/steamed buns/noodle soup bowls/and all around Chinese “cart” foods.  There are a lot of dishes I could recommend here, but we’ll go with the two from Creative Loafing (1 from the list, and a shout out item).  Knocking one off the Pasta, Pizza, & Noodles section will be:

Spicy cold noodles
A mound of fresh egg noodles coated in a nutty and pasty dressing are unceremoniously piled onto an oval plate. Sticky, fun and spicy from a last-minute layer of crushed deep red chili flakes showered on top, each chopstick full is a seductive mixture of sweet comfort and alluring pain. 

Spicy Cold Noodles

My 2 Cents:  Yummy! buuuuuuut there is this weird after-taste.  Now I don’t know what it is, but me and my friends have never hated this dish, we usually get it if there’s a huge group of us (if there’s only like 4 of us, we want to fill up on the dumplings and buns because they are soooooo good).  I would still recommend this dish, at least try it once.  The after-taste thing could just be me.

Now this list also gives a shout out to the Soup Dumplings and I would have to agree, these are one of the best things here!  If you end up passing by and trying this place out, you have to try these!  They’re like little steamed dumplings made with pork and veggies (there is a seafood, crab I believe, version, but it’s not as delicious in my opinion).  The surprise…there’s this bit of soup in the middle that bursts out when you bite into these.  Careful, they’re very hot when they first come out! And they’ll take a little bit of getting used…its quite hard, at first, picking one up without popping it, and watching the soup drip out.

Soup Dumpling

Oh I look forward to dish number 2!

Chef Lui
5221 Buford Highway
Atlanta, GA 30340


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